Managing MySQL Databases via phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu?

MySQL databases are easier to manage via GUI or the web browser.. How does one do that? While many find it comfortable using the command console to manage MySQL databases, others might not find that appealing, especially for new students. Interacting with MySQL databases from the command console isn’t for someone who just started learning […]

How to Install the LAMP Stack on Ubuntu Server

The LAMP stack is a collection of opensource software that power majority of the websites online today. How does one install it on Ubuntu Server? If you’re new to Linux or Ubuntu, one of the most popular acronyms in the Linux world that you should get used to is LAMP. It stands for Linux operating […]

Enabling 2 Factor Authentication is Cool in WordPress.. How do You do that?

Two factor authentication is cool to enable in WordPress.. It provides a more secure environment.. however, how do you turn it on? One great way to protect your WordPress blogs from brute force attacks and other unauthorized access is to enable 2-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is a security measure that identifies a user by means […]

How does one Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu?

VirtualBox is a free virtualization software that allows you to install guest operating systems on a single host computer.. now how do you install it on Ubuntu systems? I’d recommend to all IT students and those taking IT exam classes to install VirtualBox or VMware Workstations. These two programs will help you greatly in pursuing […]

How do You Install MariaDB on Ubuntu Servers?

MariaDB database server is a drop-in replacement for MySQL. How do you install it on Ubuntu servers? Students from everywhere enjoy our tutorials. We write our guides so simple to read and understand that users from different corners send us emails thanking us for these wonderful tutorials.

How do You Install MySQL on Ubuntu

MySQL server is the most popular open source database server.. how do you install it on Ubuntu servers? This brief tutorial shows students how to install and manage MySQL database server on Ubuntu systems. For those who don’t know, MySQL is a database server. Database servers are programs that provide database services to other programs […]

How do You Install PHP on Ubuntu Servers?

PHP is a popular framework used in popular open source content management systems.. How do you install it in Ubuntu? If you’re going to be doing any kind of PHP development, you’ll almost always going to need PHP and a web server. WordPress, Joomla and other content management systems will require PHP and a web […]

How do You Install Nginx Webserver on Ubuntu?

Nginx, a popular webserver is great. How do you install it on Ubuntu systems? As we mentioned in your previous tutorial, Apache2 is the most popular web server but not the only one in used today. Nginx web server is rapidly becoming the second most popular web server powering many of the websites online.

How to Use Let’s Encrypt on Apache2

Let’s encrypt is becoming popular.. how do you install it with Apache2? This can be accomplished in many ways and there are many certificate categories to choose from. However, all TLS/SSL certificates have the same goal – to protect sensitive information communicated across the network. This brief tutorial is going to show you the easiest […]