Lesson 24: Building Your First WordPress Blog via Cpanal

Students lesson 24 assignment: How do you build a WordPress blog? Many webmasters and blog owners across the globe use WordPress to run their professional websites. If you’re a student, you can join the party and build your own WordPress website for little or nothing. Yesterday, we showed you how to create a free web […]

Lesson 22: Creating VirtualBox Guest Machines

Students lesson 22 assignment: How to create VirtualBox guest machines for Ubuntu? VirtualBox is a virtualization software that allows students and users to run multiple virtual guest machines simultaneously on a single host computer. With it, you can run Windows, Linux, MacOS and other operating systems from a single computer instead of purchasing computers for […]

Lesson 21: Enable Copy/Paste Between VirtualBox Host and Guests

Students lesson 21 assignment: How do you copy and paste clipboard content between VirtualBox host and guest machines? We’ve written quite a bit about VirtualBox and virtualization software on this site. We wrote that VirtualBox is a very critical tool for IT professionals and students learning to become IT pros. This brief tutorial is going […]

Lesson 20: Create Custom Google Analytics WordPress Plugin

Students lesson 20 assignment: How to you track WordPress website user traffic? For students who want to know how many people are visiting their websites may need to install website traffic analytics plugins or codes. These plugins and codes capture web traffic and record them providing overview of the website performance and popularity. One of […]

Lesson 19: Manage VirtualBox Remotely on Ubuntu with phpVirtualBox

Students lesson 19 assignment: How do you manage VirtualBox on a remote Ubuntu server? Again, we’ve discussed this many times. If you’re planning to be an IT professional or working on your exams, one very important tool to have handy is a virtualization software. Virtualization software like VirtualBox and VMware Workstation Pro  or VMware Players […]

Lesson 18: Installing VMware Workstation Player on Ubuntu

Students lesson 18 assignment: Installing VMware Workstation player on Ubuntu Few days ago we wrote about virtualization software and how important it is to IT professionals. We also wrote that two big players in this field are VMware Workstation Pro and VirtualBox. VirtualBox cost nothing (free) while VMware Workstation Pro cost upward of $100. For […]

Lesson 17: Replacing LibreOffice with OpenOffice on Ubuntu

Students lesson 17: Replacing LibreOffice productivity suite with OpenOffice on Ubuntu desktops. Students who are thinking of using OpenOffice productivity on Ubuntu systems, this brief tutorial shows you how to do just that. As you all know, all Ubuntu desktops come with LibreOffice installed. This is the default productivity tool on most Linux systems including […]

Lesson 16: Installing VMware Guest Tools on Ubuntu

Student lesson 16 assignment: How do you install VMware guest tools on Ubuntu guest machines? Not very long ago we wrote that those who are studying to become IT professionals or taking exam classes should have virtualization software as one of the many tools in their arsenal. We then said that two power players in […]

Lesson 15: Installing VMware Workstation Pro on Windows

Lesson 15 assignment for students: Installing VMware Workstation Pro on Windows systems. Students who are studying to be IT professionals need to have sets of tools at their disposal. One such tool is a virtualization software. Virtualization software will let you run your own personal lab at home. There are two power players in the […]