Lesson 29: Installing Nginx Webserver Latest on Ubuntu

Students lesson 29 assignment: How do you install Nginx webserver latest versions on Ubuntu systems? By default Nginx stable packages are added to Ubuntu system repositories. However, Ubuntu repositories do not contain the latest versions of Nginx webserver. If you wish to install Nginx latest version, you’ll have to manually install its repository on your […]

Lesson 28: Install MariaDB Latest Version on Ubuntu

Students lesson 28 assignment: How do you install the latest version of MariaDB on Ubuntu servers? As we said earlier, MariaDB is a drop in replacement for MySQL. It’s practically MySQL with a different name. MariaDB comes in Ubuntu default repository. However, the version in the repository is a stable tested version and not the […]

Lesson 27: Use MySQL Wizard in cPanel to Create Databases

Students lesson assignment: How to use cPanel MySQL Database wizard to create WordPress databases Few days ago we showed students and new users how to create MySQL WordPress databases via cPanel. We also mentioned in that post that cPanel was developed to help new users and beginners manage websites and domains easily. Advanced users can […]

Student Lesson 26: Create WordPress MySQL Databases via Cpanel

Student lesson 26 assignment: How do you create WordPress MySQL databases via Cpanel? For students and new users who are just starting out managing online websites and blogs, there’s the easy way and the hard way. Most new users  are encouraged to go via the easy way. The hard way is for advanced users. Those […]

Lesson 25: Create VMware Workstation Guest Machines

Students lesson 25 assignment: How to create VMware Workstation guest machines? Not very long ago we showed you how to create virtual guest machines on VirtualBox. Like VirtualBox, VMware Workstation Pro is a virtualization software that allows you to run multiple virtual guest machines from a single host computer. We also wrote that students who […]

Lesson 24: Building Your First WordPress Blog via Cpanal

Students lesson 24 assignment: How do you build a WordPress blog? Many webmasters and blog owners across the globe use WordPress to run their professional websites. If you’re a student, you can join the party and build your own WordPress website for little or nothing. Yesterday, we showed you how to create a free web […]

Lesson 22: Creating VirtualBox Guest Machines

Students lesson 22 assignment: How to create VirtualBox guest machines for Ubuntu? VirtualBox is a virtualization software that allows students and users to run multiple virtual guest machines simultaneously on a single host computer. With it, you can run Windows, Linux, MacOS and other operating systems from a single computer instead of purchasing computers for […]

Lesson 21: Enable Copy/Paste Between VirtualBox Host and Guests

Students lesson 21 assignment: How do you copy and paste clipboard content between VirtualBox host and guest machines? We’ve written quite a bit about VirtualBox and virtualization software on this site. We wrote that VirtualBox is a very critical tool for IT professionals and students learning to become IT pros. This brief tutorial is going […]

Lesson 20: Create Custom Google Analytics WordPress Plugin

Students lesson 20 assignment: How to you track WordPress website user traffic? For students who want to know how many people are visiting their websites may need to install website traffic analytics plugins or codes. These plugins and codes capture web traffic and record them providing overview of the website performance and popularity. One of […]