A Redesigned Opigno LMS Based on Drupal 8 Released — Here’s How to Install / Upgrade on Ubuntu 16.04 | 18.04 | 18.10

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Opigno LMS, an open source e-learning platform based on Drupal CMS has been updated to version 2.o and is completely redesigned.

If you’re looking for an open source platform to administer online training for your students at school or your employees at your business, then you may want to look at Opigno.

Opigno LMS is designed for companies and universities, looking for an e-learning solution that is flexible and is easily scalable. This brief tutorial is going to show students how to install the latest version of Opigno on Ubuntu 16.04 | 18.04 and 18.10.

For more about this release, please check its release blog post.Below are features and enhancements that were included with this version.

  • Powerpoint Converter
  • Possibility to add PDF into slides
  • Statistics restricted to content managers, user managers, globally or at training level
  • Class manager role with statistics for their own classes
  • Multilingual support
  • Activity bank
  • Commerce improvements
  • Prerequisite trainings
  • Recorded live meetings
  • Badge support for courses and modules
  • Support for different options to store module score
  • Guided tour

Since Opigno is based on Drupal 8, it also now supports PHP 7.2 and other Drupal’s features. In the past we showed you how to install Opigno on Ubuntu with either Apache2 or Nginx HTTP server.

Both tutorials were based on PHP 7.1. However, with the release of version 2.0, you can now install Opigno with PHP 7.2 and above.

Install Opigno with Apache2 HTTP and PHP 7.2 support

To install Opigno with Apache2 and PHP 7.2 support on Ubuntu, read the post below:

Install Opigno with Nginx and PHP 7.2-FPM support

To install Opigno with Nginx and PHP 7.2-FPM support, read the post below:

With both tutorials, you will have to update step 3 (Installing PHP) to use PHP 7.2  / PHP 7.2-FPM. Replace the 7.1 with 7.2 and installed. Use the same modules, except php7.1-mcrypt. PHP 7.2 does not support mcrypt. so remove it from the line.

Oh, remember to use the latest 2.0 download link at step 5 (Downloading Opigon)

wget https://www.opigno.org/sites/default/files/opigno_lms_8.x-1.0-with_dependencies.zip
unzip opigno_lms_8.x-1.0-with_dependencies.zip
sudo mv opigno_lms_8.x-1.0-with_dependencies /var/www/html/opigno

When you’re done, you should have the latest version of Opigno on Ubuntu server and ready to use.


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